Friday, 13 September 2013

How To Listen any PDF Document

We can Generaly use Microsoft word for Create any Documents, but for read and sharing we can use Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader can taken for the software because it can help us to read documents,but this software has a secret characteristic which know by not more people.Acrobat reader is a real reader ,because we can read and listen any document by help of Acrobat reader.If you have not good habit of reading then this is best option for you.Acrobat reader can read and tell any document for us, but it is most important that document only in English Language.If document in other language then Acrobat reader can mistake to listen document for us.

So, To listen any document just do follow steps.

  • CTRL+Shift+b :- for listen full Document
  • CTRL+Shift+b :- for listen page by page of the document.
  • CTRL+Shift+b :- for stop in Middle
  • CTRL+Shift+b :- for Fully Stop