Friday, 2 August 2013

Latest Sport Watches

Timex SL Series T2M7586K

                        Price : 99.99 $


The SL Series sports watch has the ability to track elapsed time. This is accomplished using the elapsed time ring located on the outer ring of the watch’s face. The ring can rotate to match up to numbers on the watch face to measure the duration of an activity. The elapsed time ring is sometimes referred to as a tachymeter, the technical term for measuring speed in knots, kilometers per hour (KPH) or miles per hour (MPH).
On the right side of the watch face, where the numeral four should be, there is a date window that you can adjust upon purchase. To adjust the date, pull out the crown and turn it clockwise until the correct time and date are displayed. On the right side of the clock face you’ll see the patented Timex INDIGLO night light. Press the button and your watch will light up even the darkest night. The hands are also luminescent. The one feature Timex doesn’t advertise with the SL Series is shock resistance. Although unadvertised, we’re sure the sports watch can withstand the standard blows associated with athletic activities.

Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT 241338

                         Price : 278.88 $


Most men's sports watches have much the same functionality. All that really sets one apart from another is its appearance and included features. The Victorinox Summit XLT has almost every feature you could ask for in a stylish sport watch. Around the edge of the watch face, you'll see a rotating bezel, which is sometimes referred to as a tachymeter. Whatever you call it, this handy little device can measure speed based on travel time and distance based on speed. Runners and sailors alike will appreciate this feature.
For added protection, the watch is equipped with shock resistance to prevent any damage from athletic bumps or jostles. You can also keep track of the calendar date with the date window at four o'clock. The only feature we wish it had is a night mode. You can't illuminate the entire watch face, but its hands have a luminescent quality and are illuminated when you're in the dark.

Casio AMW320B-1AV

Price:  79.00 $


As mentioned previously, the Casio AMW3208-1AV has a digital reading function at the bottom of the watch face. Not only can this feature be used as a stopwatch, but it can also be used as an alarm and for a dual-time display. This feature is especially handy if you travel frequently; you can set your home time on one display and then change the second display for wherever you happen to be that week.
The tachymeter bezel around the edge of the watch face has degree and minute indices. It doesn't rotate like some of its competitors, but it can still be used to measure speed. The AMW320B-1AV does not have a night mode where you can illuminate the face with the touch of a button, but the digital display will always be lit if you need to check the time in the dark.

Luminox EVO Navy SEAL A.3051

Price : 199.00 $


One of the features Luminox is known for is its Always Visible light technology. Minute gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) make the hands and other markings glow for up to 25 years in any conditions. Competing men's Sport Watches have a night mode feature, but you have to initiate the functionality; Luminox's technology means constant illumination.
The bezel around the edge of the watch face has large contrasting numerals and rotates to measure distance and speed. A date calendar resides at 3 o'clock, and this can easily be altered after a battery change or whenever necessary. An additional feature, which is probably obvious, is this watch's shock resistance. Shock resistance means that the watch will continue to function even when it has been knocked around.

Seiko Sportura SNAE67

Price: 315.00$


If you were to use the Sportura for Athletic training purposes, the tachymeter bezel around the rim of the watch face is a perfect tool for measuring speed and distance. This specific bezel doesn't rotate, but the user manual has step-by-step instructions on how to use it. You can also train in the dark to take advantage of this sport watch's luminescent hands.