Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Richest Sportswomen

Top 5 Richest Sportswomen In World

1. Maria Sharapova

Total Income : 174 Crore
Price money:36 crore
Endorsement:138 crore

Maria sharapova is one of the most famous female Tennis player in world. She start her career at young age but she makes lots of money inside the court and outside the court. Her Total Income is 174 crore in 2012-2013 year.She got 36 crore as price money and 138 crore from Endorsement. her most of earnings comes from Sponsorship and modeling.

2. Serena Williams

Total Income: 123 crore
Price money: 51 crore
Endorsement: 72 crore

Serena Williams is  probably richest female start on the planet. she is 4th in the tennis start who won the more price money than anyone else including mans.her total income is 123 crore in the 2012-2013 year she get 51 crore as price money and 72 crore from Endorsement.

3. Li Na

Total Income : 110 crore
Price Money: 20 crore
Endorsement : 90 crore

Li na is famous china Famale tennis player in the world . Her carrer high back in year 2011 and she also won the french open. her total income 110 crore in 2012-2013 . she get 20 crore as price money and 90 crore from Endorsement .

4.Victoria Azarenka

Total Income: 94 crore
Price money : 40 crore
Endorsement: 54 crore

Belarus Tennis player Victoria Azarenka get place in last french open Semi finale.her total Income 94 crore in 2012-2013 year. she get 40 crore as price money and 54 crore from Endorsement .

5. Danica Patrick

Total Income: 90 crore
Price money : 36 crore
Endorsement : 54 crore

Well one of her kind, Danica Parick is a full time Nascar driver now on the circuit for 1 whole year and she is the most searched female athlete back in 2011.Her Total income 90 crore in year 2012-2013 . she get 36 crore as price money and 54 crore from Endorsement.