Saturday, 3 August 2013

Android Games

Top 5 Android Games

1. Temple run 2

Temple run 2 is no  1 rank game which running on Android System . Temple run 2 is downloaded by Over 170 million people, It is redifined mobile game ,   Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!


  •  Beautiful new graphics
  •  Gorgeous new organic environments
  •  New obstacles
  •  More powerups
  •  More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey

2. Nin Jump

Nin jump is second number game which most of running games on android system. In the fast paced ninja climbing game , your target will rise high as you can and you can save your self from 
killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs. With a simple tap you can jump from one wall to the other, knocking obstacles from the air as you do. Take down three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega-jump bonuses


  • Simple single-tap gameplay
  • Ninjas
  • Killer squirrels
  • More ninjas
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Awesome bonuses
  • Original sound and music
  • Papaya Leaderboards
  • Challenge a friend via email
  • Post scores on Facebook or Twitter

3. Agent Dash

Agent Dash is 3rd rank game which most running on Android system.

Agent Dash is simply an action game where you have to run and overcome obstacles as the character - Agent Dash. But here, you are not a thief; rather you are a secret agent who is out there on a mission to destroy the villain's bases.Your Target is to destroy as many villainous bases as you can before being stopped by an obstacle or falling in a pit. Your journey starts from the jungle where you have to turn sharp angles, jump and slide through obstacles. While doing all this collect coins to upgrade yourself. With each passing stage, your speed increases and so do the number of obstacles, hence requiring more attention and quick reaction.


  • easily connect and compete with your friends
  • swipe to dodge, jump and slide your way past hazards
  • stunning visuals that rush by at blistering speeds
  • frantic, dramatic infiltrations and white-knuckle escapes
  • dynamic music and visceral sound effects
  • parachutes, jetpacks, magnets, slow-mo and more
  • Sign into Facebook to save progress across all your devices
4. Line runner

 Line runner is 4th rank game which most running on Android System.The game is based on a stick figure who has to jump over and roll under obstacles in a variety of combinations and that sums up the game play in Line Runner. But as easy as it might sound the game throws some real challenges at you. The combination of jumps and rolls that you have to do get really challenging with each stage and there are ten stages in total


  • Very fast paced gameplay 
  •  Really challenging 
  •  Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking 
  • Openfeint leaderboard 
  • Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide 
  • Different difficulties
5. Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash is the 5th rank game which most of running games on Android System.

The mission of this game is to run as far as possible. The better the record the more zombies you would have killed. The idea of having no story line also adds a bit of spark to the game.


  • Visual stunning graphics, Character and weapons
  • Gameplay optimize for  touch screen device
  • Countless hours of gameplay  with 4 different adventure world