Saturday, 10 August 2013

Makeup Tips

MakeUp In Just five Minutes

1. Foundation

If you wear foundation, apply evenly onto your face with a cosmetic sponge. A sheer application works well for daytime, whereas at night you may apply a bit more.

2. Concealer

If you have any areas like dark under-eye circles, blemishes, red spots,or broken capillaries, concealer will do the job. It is easiest if you apply this with a fine brush to the area that you wish to conceal and then blend with your fingertips.

3. Powder

Loose powder is better to set your foundation because the finish is lighter. Apply it lightly with a large powder brush for a sheer finish, a puff or sponge for a heavier finish. Remember to dust a little under your eyes to set your concealer.

4. Eyes Makeup

For a quick and easy eye makeup, sweep a single wash of color over the entire eye in a neutral tone. Don’t forget your brows. Apply your liner, then mascara.


Lipsticks as well should be of the same color family as the rest of the face. Line your lips, and apply a quick coat of Vitamin E Stick.Fill in with your lip color of choice. Gloss is optional.


To determine the intensity of your blush, take your cue from the rest of your face. During the day you should go for a light sweep of color. At night you may add a bit more color or glitz with light dusting. 


After completing the last step, lightly spray Which  Fix It Spray over the entire face to set your makeup and make it longer wearing.